The first Kumaon Literary Festival was held in Dhanachuli, an enchanting little village in the Himalayas for the first 3 days, then in Nainital on the remaining 2 days. A common platform for imminent thinkers and writers, international luminaries of the literature world graced the stage during these 5 days.

Author, Susy Matthew, spoke on 3 different panels. Sharing the stage with Ms. Sumedha Oijha and Ms. Alka Pandey, the strengths, use, and abuse of women in ancient times was discussed with Ms. Priya Kapoor. Susy Matthew and the versatile Israeli author, Sarah Blau, shared an electrifying moment in time discussing the Torah, Genesis and the Unseen World. Later, as the sunset over Nainital, Susy Matthew took the spellbound audience on a journey to peep into the Unseen World and its impact on our natural realm

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