The story spans from 14 BC – 28 AD and follows the lives of 2 women of that time. Deborah a Jewess is a purely fictional character. She is fiery and outspoken, educated when women were not allowed to be, and she does the unthinkable – falling in love with a Roman Centurion. They meet in Caesarea, a seaport and the Roman capital of the Imperial province of Judea where Roman, Jew, and Greek co-exist in uneasy harmony. The unfortunate lovers are separated by the religious standards set for women of her race.

The other protagonist, Joanna is a Jewess from the lowly village of Emmaus, her family steeped in quiet tradition but in a twist of fate, her life is swept up in the political and religious chaos of those violent times. She is one of the lesser-known, yet strong, women recorded in the Bible, the wife of Chuza, steward to Herod Antipas the infamous be-header of John the Baptist.

Both women meet through connections of Judean royalty and find an unlikely common bond which pivots them to meet the greatest influence in the country at that time, a nomadic carpenter. In this story, fact and fiction are intertwined and woven to bring the colors and emotions of betrayal, love, death, and intrigue of Judean court and clergy, to life. These turbulent times birthed a unique bubble in time when history turned on its head.

Walkthrough the streets of Jerusalem and the districts of Israel 2000 years ago, rub shoulders with Jewish royalty and confront the Roman army. Discuss politics with the Pharisees (Jewish clergy) and plot sedition with the Zealots (rebel terrorists), hobnob with Greeks, Jews and Romans in this Bubble of Time.

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